Fine art and antiques.

Grand piano

If we're good enough for The Archibald...

Now we're talking.

We're locals at the Paddington galleries. We're commissioned time and time again to move such valuable treasures. And we've happened to move the Archibald Prize entrants from time to time. Why?

Because we know exactly what these items mean to you. Items such as pianos, ornate mirrors and antique furniture. Items that demand care.

Our wealth of experience has shown us the intricacies of this delicate job - a job that no one can afford to get wrong.

Your specialist team will apply our developed moving techniques so your pieces are moved with the utmost care. From your porcelains to your heirlooms, we pad and wrap each individual item for the safe and secure journey to its new home. This is a job not to be rushed.

Fine Art Removals

We have specialist teams that can move pianos and billiard tables with the finesse of Beethoven's Symphony No.7.

Your items are irreplaceable, so make sure you choose the right removalist the first time. Can you afford not to?

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